Leadership Excellence

Our Leadership workshops aim to sharpen your Leadership qualities into habits of Excellence, so your teams will achieve even better results, your organisation will have even more talent-retention and your team will cooperate in an even more effective way. A Leader “Models the way” (Kouzes & Posner-1983 till today), Xellens shines a light on your Leadership Journey to make it even clearer and as a Leader you will lead your teams more confidently with Leadership Excellence.

Recent feedback

Xellens gathers all its’ evaluations and use the reported comments confidentially. All comments are therefor impersonalised, and authorisation for publication is given by the quoted delegates. Some feedback on our recent workshops & trainings:

“Theory & practice, getting out of my comfort zone in a great way; never learned as much on my Leadership style as during these two days”

“I thought I knew a lot about Leadership; nevertheless I collected so many marginal gains during our two sessions, I feel like I have entered another level of Leading. Set the example; Marian truly practices what she preaches, you rock!”

“Unexpected high value training on Selling; excellent faciliators”


The sky is the limit

With grattitude and pride we have worked with and for our clients. A selection of projects since 2004 is shown below. Would you like more information? Then please get in touch with us.


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