Xellens offers expertise on specific areas of Excellence in Leadership and in Personal & Professional Education & Development.

What kind of consultancy do we do?

Our excellence is used in the following areas:

Interim Management

Coaching for Growth

Possible Coaching opportunities are

  • Working in one-on-ones after specific Training Modules like Leadership Excellence, Selling Excellence, Change Excellence etc to zoom into day-to-day activities that are linked to the Training objectives.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly sessions are possible with a variety of forms (Skype-Phone) of face to face (min 1 hour sessions).

Excellence is what we repeatedly do; after a workshop we lose 87% of its content without Coaching within the first 30 days after the training. With Coaching we augment our Performance X 4, compared to a Workshop without it. Coaching therefor makes your ROI of Training higher and more sustainable for both delegate and organsation.


The sky is the limit

With grattitude and pride we have worked with and for our clients. A selection of projects since 2004 is shown below. Would you like more information? Then please get in touch with us.


JHB Koekkoekstraat 53
NL-1214 AC Hilversum

Opening hours

Mo - Fr
08.00 h - 17.00 h

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