I like to move it, move it

by | March, 2020

We like to, MOVE IT!

This with an upbeat sound that inspires you to do some extra lifts.

The Coach inspiring you to go just a little bit further than you think is possible, stretching you. So your muscles are trained, your muscle tissues can develop and grow. And the next time you are at your work-out, you can lift heavier and more.

The analogy for learning in the workplace is striking; we do not like to get training mostly. We have done it before, we know the stuff, we can argue about form but we are aware of the content and value. Still, like going to the gym is for most not always an easy step, we are in the ‘lazy state’ of Learning when entering a workshop.

The thing about training is that you develop more muscle, your learning muscles.

If you don’t, your brain will go often on auto-pilot and keep doing what it knows best; stay in comfort, not being fully resourceful or inspired to go the extra mile for any Goal or Target.

So wether you know the stuff around your business, if you do not train the muscle for example in Sales, you will loose muscle tissue quickly. Imagine that you are in a competitive market; what if the competitors’ Team, are working out every day. Having fun, becoming stronger and stronger, a better Team, more resourceful and creative to kick your *ss out of your current comfortable (pole) position.

This happens all the time, maybe even in your own company; it is proven that training your brain gives you more neuroplasticity plus more & better skills to reach your goals. Think of that colleague that is always reading and trying new things. You might judge that person on being a bit ‘overly eager’ to achieve. What will you say if this person surpasses you in your position. Will you blame him or her, for being privileged by some authority in your company, having better looks, knowing their way way how to impress the boss etc. We do kwow how to play this blame-game well; actually this is a muscle we practice quite often and are getting very good at.

What if we put this blame-game energy into workshop-energy?

Thriving to learn from every learning event, knowing that it will bring us long term benefits; even if it hurts now. Rocky did not get his abs in a day, he trained for years and years to become bulky.

In any business repetition is power, like in the gym. Lift the heavy weight once, you’re not done. You have not created more muscle long term. Why not embrace every Learning opportunity?

Imagine your body and mind being as trained and solid as a Rock(y), this with a lesser developed blame-game-muscle, how much more successful would you be in the workplace.

So we like to MOVE IT, MOVE YOU. Starting with you and your Team(s) today.

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