Enjoy the journey, every step

by | January, 2020

On a campsite in Austria, every day an old lady walks around. She wears a wintercoat that looks several sizes to large, maybe it’s the coat of her late husband. A coat  that maybe still smells like him, feels like him.

With a slow but dedicated pace, she makes severals rounds here on this campsiite; she has two canes she uses slightly, as if she is touching the ground with a slight and sweet rhythm. You can hear her passing by. Every day.

She must be over 90 years old at least; her smile is so friendly and so warm. She really looks you in your eyes and greets you as if she’s happy she is still able to see you.  Every day; shoulders bent, wearing a head scarf with fanted flowers, she does her daily routine. Raining, snowing, in winter or in summer. 

I come here a few times per year now, and she has become a highly appreciated person to me. She is showing me something and today I think I understood what she represents to me. 

She is gratefull for every step on the road.

Her daily journey is maybe limitid to the well known distance on the campsite next door to her wooden house.  But she is taking her way with gratitude. She is in the here and now, she is consciously present every single step.

Being here and everywhere often on my own, makes me sometimes feel a little lonely. I feel vulnerable at times, thinking ‘What if”. Worries start to come up in my mind and distract me from what should have my focus.

What if the miles we are walking do not change, what if we need to do our rounds like she does, over and over again. But with gratitude, without worries.

What if our journey never ends, just because the end is not what matters. 

Maybe it’s only the journey, and just not the destination?

Sometimes we might get dissapointed, get thrown back at life. Because the destination might shift, or we feel bad and get distracted. The antidote of worrying is gratitude. Once your grateful, you can not be depressed, fearful or worried.

Maybe we all walk our ritual round on a campsite, with two canes softly tipping the rythm of time.

I am gratefull today for every step of my journey, grateful for the journey. 

The knowledge I am part of a bigger journey, enabling and inspiring  others to set yet another step of their journey. 

May some of my steps mix with yours, may some of our miles be shared, no matter the destination. I am gratefully glad we have what we have. Together.

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