Change your perspective

by | June, 2019

The truth, the absolute truth and nothing but the truth?

We probably have heart this sentence often; in series we watch, in books we read and in court cases. My thought often is: Is there only one truth? And if yes, how often do we misinterpret and misunderstand this truth?

If someone is gifted with a talent, is he really gifted?

If someone is suffering from a handicap, is it really a handicap? If we are born without limbs, are we disabled and less ‘able’ than people with limbs? Is a handicap an absolute truth, as is a talent?

Recently I have been deeply inspired by two young French men (students) Thomas Bardin & Adrien Cezanne who will cycle 1,500 kilometer throughout Europe this summer, to spread the up-side-down ‘truth’ about a specific disability, being Autism.

The purpose of their tour is to put another light on Autism; to see it upside down as a talent instead of a burden.

How people with Autism can contribute valuably and significantly in life in general, in business and be even sometimes more ‘able’ than people without Autism. Sometimes it takes two young men to start a movement; to inspire us to think the other way around.

In my personal life, I am blessed to be surrounded by a number of people with different forms of Autism. Thanks to their way of looking, listening and experiencing the world around us, I have learned so much more. Thanks to them, in cooperation, we have been more able to see different aspects we might have been blind or deaf for in some way.
And true understanding means understanding before being understood. So in answer to my first question: Is there only one Truth? I think in many cases we can state that there isn’t; that with respect and integrity, we can try to see things differently and benefit from all the talents we can share.

Personally I am truly moved by the dedication and devotion of these two magnificient young men, who use their talents and abilities to move others and serve for a bigger purpose, awareness on Autisme. Read more on them on or follow their journey on

There is maybe one human truth; it’s the one of true respect, true love and true belief that together we can achieve more. Maybe we sometimes need just two young men to make us see it up-side-down.

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