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May The Force be with you

by | May, 2019

What do you think your parents wished for you, when you were born? Love, health, happiness to live a long & happy life. What we are wishing for our own (grand-)children, is most probably quite similar.

Some parents might wish differently, but most new-born parents are wishing an even better life for their kids than they’ve had themselves. I did-do exactly the same; I want my talented son Koen (17), to have the best life possible.

Looking at our own life now, to what extend were we fueled by our parents’ best wishes; did those support us in achieving our own dreams, or did their wishes even hinder us at time. As in forcing us to achieve their dreams instead of ours.

I did it my way

Finding what moves you, what keeps you going in life, what really matters to you, is a journey we all take at our own pace. Some may know from the very beginning what their life’s purpose is. Others might be more searching for a while; unable to have that clarity at an early stage. 

But eventually, it will happen. Your passion for something will illuminate your soul, encourage your heart, strengthen your discipline and make it impossible to distract you from your goal.

Koen did this; as his teachers often at school explained: “Koen just hasn’t found his ‘Start Button’ yet”. But now since some months, he has. His whole life has changed, he’s inspired, he strives for Excellence and does not miss any opportunity to get better at what really matters to him. His pace may not have been my pace, he did found his Way at his own speed.

Making good decisions

Haven’t we all become what we decided to be, once we found our destination and our way? The choices we have made, define us and are determining every following step towards our destiny. After several trials, errors, mistakes, most of us have found the trend in cause and effect. If what we do, really matters to us, we are getting on our track. If decisions feel good, they result logically as in cause & effect.  

Our Force is strong

For those still searching, for those still looking for trends in cause & effect, I wish you all the belief and courage to follow your journey in your own pace. Motivation from outside your own Force, is an outsider. All dreams and best wishes of others, maybe an encouragement to some extent, but your true power lies in your inner self. Listen to this Force, maybe with your eyes closed, as my son Koen did when he was a young boy, and find your destination.

Do it your way, just because your Force is very strong. 
It is (Yoda).

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