Dive in deep to jump out later

by | March, 2019

In the Netherlands we have the so called ‘Nieuwjaars-duik’, the dive into the North Sea on New Years’ day. This is to wash away the former year and start the New Year really freshened up. We know it could be cold, but we funny Dutchies dive in like there is no tomorrow!

How many of us have attended Workshops & Training in the last 5 years?

Sometimes because we want to, more often because we ‘have to’. Because someone else has chosen for us that we really ‘need’ this. Like someone else ‘pushed’ us in the North Sea instead we choose ourselves to jump in? As a trainer and a manager, I felt often ‘forced’ to dive into something new, like if there was something not ‘right’ yet with my actual activities. Quite a normal response to being told to learn something new. In this resistance is our natural allergy of being deprived of our own Choice.

How tall does a tree grow?

As tall as it possibly can. It will stretch its’ roots and branches as far as the light reaches. A tree does not have a Choice; as human beings we have been given the dignity of Choice. How often do we choose to profit from situations that are in front of us? In my daily practice, I consider it our constitutional right to have the final Choice in who we want to become. If this is average, you can make that Choice to stay average. And if you want to be remarkably better, fresher and more ready for tomorrow’s Challenges, you have the Choice to go for it and Challenge yourself.

Training is light for Growth

In every moment of the day, your value for Learning is present. In every Training or Workshop, which you have chosen yourself, or the ones being offered to you, is some new light for your growth. We all have the choice to see this differently in the light of our Choice for growth. One delegate of our Leader-ship Workshop once evaluated: “We dived in deep to jump out later”. All cold Dutchies react the same after their New Years’ dive: “We are so proud we did it! And now we are ready to jump out and be outstanding this year later. We Challenge you all to dive in and make your Choice to grow as tall as you possibly can. Because you can and are free to make that Choice.”

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