Jump out like there is no tomorrow

by | April, 2019

Do you have your own, private morning ritual? Maybe you will think: shower, coffee (loads), get kids to school, kiss partner, breakfast, maybe some gymnastics, car and off we go. Do you know the way you start your day, determines the progress you will make on that day? Since I started a tailormade morning ritual, my days could not have been better. I’m just jumping out every morning to get out and DO it! And at the end of the day, it’s DONE.

Do you ever feel you are on the tredmill of the day?

If you feel like you are in the rat-race called ‘Day’, you are probably one of many. Most of us start every day alike, almost unconsciously. As in the trance of every day, how do you think this influences you in your ability to absorbe all Learnings you encounter? If you ask succesfull people why they became so succesfull, one of their secrets often is their Morning Ritual.

Tony Robbins starts with meditation, some athletes with affirmations. However you start your day, as long as it is a conscious start, will help you improve your focus during that day to reach your goals. And her we GO: mindset rituals, goals and results.

Mindset Rituals, Goals & Results

Since six months I have started a new morning ritual. My focus has never been sharper, my business has never grown faster and my ability to procastinate has never been as little as today. This has been a long learing journey. I start every day with 15 minutes of Meditation, then 40 affirmations, which I write down every day, a cheerfull song to ’theme’ the day in the shower, and then for real, I can not wait to start it. I actually Jump Out and feel eager to go get it. And I do.

Choose to Go Get It!

If you want to learn to know what ritual works for you, you have to keep a written record of your mornings. How can you see what’s working and what is not, if you are not keeping a writen record to analyse what works in your favour to get your stuff done. And exceed your own expectations and limitations.

Did I learn by myself? No! I listened to someone I hold very dearly. I listened for real; I tried, I failed and now I harvest all the fruits that come with it. 

This is how training, feedback, consultancy should work. Every painfull advice, every insult, every expensive form of consultancy is only of value once you try it yourself and adapt it to your flavour.

Make your personal learnings an every day goal; either personal or professional. As L’Oreal states: “You are worth it”. Make every day a wealth of learnings by starting it worthwhile. And jump out, like there is not tomorrow.

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